Dear partners!

Sarus Business Service welcomes you and offers mutually beneficial cooperation! Our company provides services for the registration of medical devices and honey. equipment, as well as registration of dietary supplements in the Republic of Uzbekistan:

- Preparation and formation of a dossier for registration, re-registration;
- Registration of applications and letters;
- Development, preparation of documents and the formation of the registration dossier in accordance with the requirement of regulatory authorities;
- Implementation of interaction with various government agencies on issues of obtaining the necessary documents for registration dossiers;
- Organization of sending and receiving dossier and samples required for registration / re-registration / amendment of a particular country;
- Keeping records of the stages of examination of registration materials, the timely provision of responses to the requests of experts;
- Keeping records of payment documents;

When forming a complete dossier without the lack of a single drug registration cycle, it lasts an average of 6 months. All requirements and provisions for submitting documentation for the registration of Medical Technology approved State Unitary Enterprise "State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicinal Products, Medical Products and Medical Equipment" Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry under the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development available upon request.

Services to support the registration process Cost for local Cost for foreigners
Medical Equipment (MT) From 10 000 000 sum 2 000 $
Medical Products (BMI) From 8 000 000 sum 1 500 $
Biologically active additives (BAA) 6 000 000 sum 1 200 $
Services to support the re-registration process 5 000 000 sum 1 000 $

Discounts up to 20% for companies registering more than 10 types of products.

We will always be happy to advise you on issues in this area!